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Daniel Park


Mr. Daniel started learning the piano at age 5 and started Berklee College of Music in 2010 as a dual B.A. candidate in Piano Performance and Music Production & Engineering. He studied intensively with Ray Santisi, who was the pianist for the be-bop jazz legend, Charlie Parker.  

In 2013, he joined the United States Navy as a billeted military musician as a pianist, guitarist, and backup vocalist. In his first 2 years of service, he had the opportunity to perform on the national platform and went on 6 tours in the Southeast region of the U.S., playing at events such as the annual Mardi Gras in New Orleans. He spent the next 3 years stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, and performed on the international stage including in Panama City, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and in the Philippines to name a few.  In addition to public performances, he also conducted performance master classes for high schools, universities, and foreign militaries, performances for special needs hospitals and orphanages, and international relations performances such as events for top military officials, ambassadors, and presidents. 

Mr. Daniel also has experience teaching children music, having taught piano and guitar in both private and group settings for a collective 5 years, primarily for K-12 grade.  He is currently the chief audio engineer, co-producer, and co-founder of The BellyLoaders, a hit songwriting and production team. They are currently working with artists in Puerto Rico, Taiwan, and locally in Los Angeles. 


He believes that music is the only true international language deeply rooted in the soul, and because of this precise reason, it is an integral part of all facets of one’s life. Music is a constant that humanity shares, and yet each individual has the potential to pursue, explore, and exceed in his/her own unique expressions through it. He strives to lead his students to success, whether that be preparing for competitions or playing a simple melody. Whatever the goal may be, the one foundational truth of music, and in direct relation, life, has always been and will always remain the same: to find happiness and to express oneself. 


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