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Interactive Online Music Courses

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Register for our interactive online music courses - each course is 4 classes once a week at the same time every week via Zoom online video classroom. Small group of students per course because the Opus instructor will interact live with students in the online classroom.​ Each class will be recorded so no worries if you can't join all the classes live.

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Pop Stars 101

Make a basic pop song using 4 instruments: piano, guitar, drums, and voice


Mr. Daniel


Tuesdays starting 4/7

2-2:45 pm

Learn the basics of the 4 main instruments that make up a pop band: piano, guitar, drums, and voice using excerpts from our popular Opus Pop Stars curriculum. Mr. Daniel will lead you through simple patterns on each instrument so that at the end of the class, you will have made a basic pop song.


$49 for 4 classes


Anime and video game music on the piano


Mr. Chris


Mondays starting 3/30

10-10:45 am

Explore modern and classic anime & video game music! Students will learn about popular anime themes, internet memes, boss battle songs, J & K pop hits, soundtracks, iPad games, and other pop culture music that has all come down to us through video game and anime culture. Mr. Chris will demonstrate on the piano and interact with students in this live online class. Join with or without an instrument.


$25 for 4 classes

Get Started on Drums!

Famous drum licks and patterns


Mr. Francis


Tuesdays starting 3/31

10-10:45 am

Pro drummer Mr. Francis gives an intro to the drum set and shows you how to play some of the most famous and important drum licks that are played by the best drummers in history! Mr. Francis is a professional heavy metal drummer who has performed the drums in venues all over the world. If you don't have a drum set at home, no worries - just be prepared with a pair of sticks. Interact with Mr. Francis and other students in this live online class.


$49 for 4 classes

Music Guppies

Baby and toddler music class


Ms. Sharon


Wednesdays starting 4/1

10-10:30 am

Have fun with early childhood teaching specialist Ms. Sharon leading music activities appropriate for babies and toddlers. Sing nursery rhymes and kids songs while participating in music games, playtime, active listening, and baby sign language. Meet other mommies and daddies in this live interactive class. Bring any of your own instruments or bubbles to the online class.


$49 for 4 classes

Mr. Pedals

Cool sound effects using music FX pedals


Mr. Troy


Thursdays starting 4/2

10-10:45 am

In this class, Mr. Troy (AKA "Mr. Pedals") will be showcasing sound effects with guitar pedals, GarageBand, and more! Come and check out how to make yourself sound like you’re in a cave or in the middle of the Grand Canyon! Any sound you can think of, we can make it happen! If you don't have instruments or pedals, you can use the free GarageBand app! Interact with Mr. Troy and other students in this fun class.


$49 for 4 classes

Songwriting Mash-Up

Learn how to write an original song 


Ms. Tammy


Fridays starting 4/3


Learn from pianist/vocalist Ms. Tammy what it takes to create an original song! We'll start by selecting a fun theme, crafting the words to fit the theme, and then creating a catchy melody that brings the words to life! Also, every participant will receive a recording of the song we write after the workshop! Ms. Tammy will demonstrate on the piano and interact with students in this live online class. Join with or without an instrument.


$49 for 4 classes

My First Piano Adventure (Online)

Group online piano class for younger beginners taught by Opus owner Mrs. Theresa


5-7 year olds 


45 mins once a week   

 $110 per month

This group piano class for the younger beginner uses the My First Piano Adventures curriculum by Nancy and Randall Faber. In the class, students will learn directional pre-reading, elementary music theory and technique with engaging songs, games and creative discovery at the keyboard.


6 students per class

Remember, each class will be recorded so no worries if you can't join all the classes live.

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