We offer private online music lessons in a variety of instruments.

We are accepting new students! Our one-on-one online lesson format ensures students can receive a customized lesson plan tailored to their pace of learning.


If you do not find the instrument you want listed, please let us know.  We add new instruments and teachers all the time.



We teach beginner, intermediate, or advanced piano students of all ages.  Our piano teachers start from the basic note reading techniques and learning how to read both treble and bass clef to play with both hands simultaneously during piano lessons. This ensures the most comprehensive foundation for music learning.


Our studio uses the Faber Piano Adventures curriculum, a world-renowned method for beginning piano students. We are also officially a pilot test for Piano Adventures' new products. Whether you are looking to play pop, rock, classical, religious, or jazz piano, our private piano lessons are customized to suit your level, style, and pace of learning. 



Our singing instructors will teach you proper voice technique, and include a variety of voice training in the voice lessons, including vocal projection, posture, breathing, diction, range extension, vibrato, and other techniques.  All of our teachers have different vocal styles, so whether you are looking to learn how to sing pop, Broadway, classical, jazz, musical theater, or another style, one of our voice instructors can help. 

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced students are welcome to try singing lessons.  Our singing teachers often incorporate music theory and note reading to provide a comprehensive approach to learning how to improve your voice. 




Whether you want to play like the guitarist from your favorite rock band, be able to jam with friends, or just enjoy making music on your own, our guitar lessons are just right for you.  We don’t mind if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student. All of our private guitar lessons are customized to your level, style, and pace of learning. 

Our guitar teachers have a comprehensive approach and will teach you all of the basics to playing the guitar, including locating notes on the guitar, fingering, chords, strumming and picking technique, and how to read music to tailor their guitar lessons for you. 



Drum lessons are available at our facility for all levels and ages.  Drum students will learn on our state-of-the-art electronic drum kit and will understand the basics of keeping a steady beat, how to properly hold drumsticks, and how to jam to different styles of music.  Whether you are interested in playing drums with pop music, rock, or other styles, our drum teachers can help.  Our drummers will also have the opportunities to play in a small band setting and jam in a group that they will learn during drums lessons.  



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Violin/Viola/Cello/Double Bass

We teach beginner, intermediate, or advanced stringed instruments students of all ages for violin, viola, cello, and double bass.  Our violin teachers start from the basic note reading techniques, learning how to read music on the treble clef, how to hold the violin, and position the hands on the violin strings during violin lessons.  


Younger students may require a smaller sized violin when first starting.  Your teacher can recommend an appropriate size for younger beginners.  Whether you are looking to play pop, rock, classical, religious, or jazz violin, our private violin lessons are customized to suit your level, style, and pace of learning.

Double Bass Player


We offer bass lessons for both the electric bass and upright acoustic double bass.  The bass serves as a fundamental member of a band.  Our bass teacher can teach how to read bass clef notes, chord symbols, and proper bass technique including plucking and bowing.  We serve beginner and advanced bass students, from children to adults.



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Let one of our experienced songwriting instructors help you gain skills in composing, writing lyrics or creating musical compositions for songs or film scores.  We also include modern music technology such as sequencers, synthesizers, or computer sound editing to learn the comprehensive skills to be a songwriter. 

Fundamentals are needed on an instrument, typically the guitar or piano, which our instructors can help out with.  Elements such as chord progressions, lead sheets, construction of lyrics will be taught during songwriting lessons. 

Other Instruments

There may be other instruments offered that are not listed here.  If you do not find the instrument you want listed, please contact us.  We add new instruments and teachers all the time and would be happy to accommodate your needs.


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7 Days a Week  9:00 am - 8:00 pm

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