March 2019 Newsletter

March 16, 2019



Mr. Daniel teaches piano, guitar, and voice and recently joined the teaching team of Opus Music School!

Prior to Opus Music School, he was in the United States Navy as a billeted military musician as a pianist, guitarist, and backup vocalist. He did public performances, conducted performance master classes for high schools, universities, and foreign militaries, performances for special needs hospitals and orphanages, and international relations performances such as events for top military officials, ambassadors, and presidents. As a U.S. Navy musician, he went on 6 tours to the Southeast U.S., was stationed in Japan for 3 years, and performed in several different countries.

​Mr. Daniel also has experience teaching children music, having taught piano and guitar in both private and group settings for a collective 5 years, primarily for K-12 grade.

He studied at Berklee College of Music as a dual B.A. candidate in Piano Performance and Music Production & Engineering.

He currently has open spots on Fridays and Saturdays.  Welcome Mr. Daniel!  


Opus now has its 1st acoustic drum set!  It was important for us to get an acoustic set so that our drum students could benefit from the real sound and feel of drums, rather than electronic drums.

Thank you to the Frazier family for the awesome Ludwig kit donation.  Drum student Jackson is so excited to start using it!  With a good-sized 22" bass drum, this will be a great set to also use at our recitals.

We still have openings for drum lessons on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!



Registration for our special Opus Summer Tour concert opens this Sunday, March 17 at 8am!  The concert takes place at Thayer Concert Hall at Colburn School in Downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, July 28, 2019. To register, please go to:

If you plan to sign up, we recommend to register early, because there are limited spots available and we expect it to fill up quickly.  The registration fee is $80 due at the time of sign up.

We aim to make this a very special experience for our students!  All of the performers will receive a Golden Ticket invitation, their names listed on a promotional poster, an 8x10 photo on stage, and more.

Any age and level can participate in the following instruments: piano, voice, violin, and acoustic guitar. Opus drum students or students who require microphones or amplifiers are instead eligible to participate in our Open Mic Night that will be held in August (see below)!

The "Opus Summer Tour" program celebrates our 5th year anniversary and will give students a chance to perform in world-class concert hall venues.  Each summer will have a new location!  We hope you will join us!



We hope you are enjoying the 100 Day Practice Challenge currently in progress!  As a reminder, students have until June 1 to complete the challenge.  

Once you reach 50 days, please show your sheet to the front desk to collect a free gift.  Once you reach 100 days, you will be invited to a dessert party in June at I Heart Boba in Rowland Heights.  Keep practicing!



On Monday, August 19, 2019, we will be hosting an Open Mic Night, where select Opus students will be able to perform in a cafe-type setting.  The event will be held at I Heart Boba cafe in Rowland Heights.  This is a great performance opportunity for our drum, guitar, and voice students or those who perform in the pop, rock, or singer/songwriter styles.

Any Opus student is eligible but spots are limited.  Sign ups will begin in April.  More info will be provided soon! 






Name: Sydney
Age: 10 years old
Instrument: Piano
Teacher's Name: Ms. Maorin
School Name and Grade: Grazide Elementary, 4th Grade

1. What do you like the best about taking lessons at Opus Music School?
I can express myself and be who I am. 

2. What do you like the most about your teacher?
Ms. Maorin is passionate about teaching music, patient, and super nice.

3. What is your favorite piece to play and why?
Beauty and the Beast because it's one of my favorite Disney movies.

4. What challenges have you faced when learning music and how did you overcome it?
My challenge is to play perfectly.  The 100 day practice challenge helps me play perfectly.

5. What is your goal with music? 
My goal is to be able to perform a song on the piano while singing it in front of an audience and to be a part of the Soundsations choir at my future middle school.

Notes from Sydney's teacher Ms. Maorin:
Sydney is a bright student.  She is motivated and has a great sense of humor. Sydney has an impressive understanding and knowledge about music, especially Disney music. She enjoys talking about Disney characters and their history through the music.  Her dedication to the piano is greatly inspiring.  She never gives up and improves every week.  Sydney also loves singing.  She displays a positive attitude during her lesson.  She works very hard and it shows as her voice is developing very beautifully.  I am very proud of all your hard work. Sydney, I am so honored to be your teacher. Congratulations!
Ms. Maorin

In music, march music is a type of music with a strong marching rhythm that is typically written so soldiers or a military band can march to it.

Marches are typically written in 2/4 or 2/2 time (one - two - one - two - left - right - left - right) and have a strong, regular beat so people can march to it. A typical march tempo is fast and around 120 beats per minute. However, marches can also be slow, such as a funeral march.

John Philip Sousa is one of the most famous composers of marches, but other composers also wrote marches, such as Beethoven and Chopin.

Source: Wikipedia





Some Opus history: It was December of 2014.  I had rented a new commercial space for Opus Music School and was struggling to get everything ready to open on the 1st Monday of January.  It used to be a real estate office so we were going through extensive remodeling of the interior and faced completion delays and were over budget.

Every day that passed meant money that was going out with no money coming in.  I had questioned whether I made a bad decision renting this place and was hoping for a sign this was the right choice.

And then the sign came.

Not a figurative sign.  An actual Opus Music School store sign that went on top of our building.  I'll never forget the moment - seeing it for the 1st time was the 1st time Opus Music School seemed like a legit business.  My dream of owning a music school had appeared before my very eyes.

Our Gale Avenue Hacienda Heights location was open for business on Monday, January 5, 2015.  The rest is history!

Very truly yours,
Mrs. Theresa Cheng
Connect with me on LinkedIn (
Follow American Idol With Me:  Now that AGT is on a break, I'll be discussing American Idol! Here are my favorites so far from the American Idol auditions.  
-Alejandro Aranda (dishwasher from Pomona, CA) - sang original song "Out Loud" with his crazy good guitar skills
-Myra Tran (high school student from Vietnam) - sang One Night Only by Jennifer Hudson (did you know she was the winner of X Factor Vietnam at age 16?)
-Nick Townsend (lost 2 siblings due to suicide) - sang Let It Go by James Bay

My winner prediction: Difficult to say since the auditions are still in progress, but I think Alejandro Aranda will make it to the Top 3 and maybe win!





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